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Markieff Morris Headed To Philadelphia 76ers In Most NBA Mock Drafts

Generally speaking, the major points of agreement in any NBA mock draft come at the top with the first and perhaps second or third overall selections. Most draft analysts will agree that Duke point guard Kyrie Irving will be the first overall selection to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft. But what about a player like Markieff Morris? Amazingly, draft analysts are also united on where Morris will go -- at No. 16 overall to the Philadelphia 76ers.

ESPN's Chad Ford writes, "The Sixers really need a big man, and Morris, a Philly native, is the best one left on the board. Morris has a rep as a good defender, shot-blocker and rebounder, but he also proved at Kansas that he can step out and hit the 3. He's a bit rawer than his brother, but he's a good get at this point in the draft."

Ben Golliver's mock draft over at CBS Sports agrees with the placement to the Philadelphia 76ers saying, "When in doubt, add a talented big man to the frontcourt. The Sixers have some contract decisions to make after next season." Golliver's colleague, Dave Del Grande, also agrees: "The 76ers need someone more like Samuel Dalembert, but he doesn’t exist this low in the draft. So taking the most defensive minded power forward has to suffice."

Every year there seems to be a player in the middle or bottom of the first round that every draft analyst and league source seems to confirm is headed toward one specific team, and perhaps that player and team is Markieff Morris to the 76ers. Such a good fit is hard to argue with.