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Dallas Mavericks Provide Ideal Landing Spot For Kansas Jayhawks Josh Selby In NBA Draft

With the ups and downs of Kansas point guard Josh Selby’s collegiate career, his NBA Draft stock is difficult to predict. Will teams remember the hype coming out of high school and still believe in the possibilities or will they want to play their chips on a safer number and pick someone else? Perhaps the best place for Selby to land is the space predicted by Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick.

The Dallas Mavericks are Selby’s predicted draft slot at No. 26 overall and Amick writes, “The fountain of youth at the Mavericks’ facility will go dry at some point, leaving them to find a replacement for Jason Kidd. Selby may or may not be that player, but it’s worth finding out this late in the draft.”

For a talent like Selby, the potential is clearly there. A team as accomplished choosing that low in the draft should feel elated to swoop in and grab a point guard with such possibilities. At the same time, is there a greater mentor he could play behind than Jason Kidd who can help develop his court vision, maturity and leadership? A winning, team-oriented environment with a legend already entrenched at point guard in a low expectations environment seems the ideal space for someone like Selby.

Selby’s mock draft stock is all over the map, but it honestly wouldn’t be surprising to see a team picking higher grab him to fill their point guard woes. There’s not enough elite point guards to go around, yet the teams that can develop them have a clear advantage in today’s run and gun NBA.