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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker Among Overrated Prospects

With every draft in any sport, you'll have reaches and bargains. It's the name of the game when creating lists and making choices in numerical order, and the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft will be no different. Some players chosen will surprise and perform above expectations, while other selections will feature a profile or reputation greater than their actual on-court results. Rather that wait for the future to tell us how things will play out, here's our best attempt to say "We told you so" several years from now with our Most Likely To Be Overrated When All Is Said and Done list.

Kemba Walker - UConn
According to, the popular point guard from UConn is averaging somewhere between the No. 5 and No. 7 overall selections in the upcoming NBA Draft, and certainly there's a lot to like here. He's demonstrated tremendous poise, leadership, character and a toughness throughout his college career, especially this last season as UConn rose to unexpected success. General managers will love the intangibles, but a questionable jump shot and a 6-1 shooting guard form some major question marks.
Bottom Line: Decent pro player who won't produce on-court results like a mid-lottery selection should.

Jimmer Fredette - Brigham Young
Even the casual basketball fan was rooting for Jimmer throughout this year's NCAA Tournament, and for good reason since he can shoot the lights out of the building. After all, the 6-2 guard averaged nearly 29 points per game this year and 22 in 2010. That skill alone will earn him a spot in the NBA for several seasons, but that porous defense is difficult to ignore. The hope is that he can overcome his (bad) reputation a la Jameer Nelson and round out his game.
Bottom Line: Somewhere north of Trajan Langdon; south of J.J. Redick.

Jordan Williams - Maryland
Williams boasts one of the draft's biggest bodies (alongside Enes Kanter), but the 6-10, 260 lbs. sophomore entrant is also known for some conditioning issues. He's certainly an intimidating post presence when he wants to be, but it's that lack of drive, work ethic and constant conditioning that will stymie his natural talents at the next level, where the season can grind to 100 games. At the very least, it will be a couple of seasons before Williams makes his presence felt for more than a few minutes per game.
Bottom Line: In a stronger draft, Williams would be second-round fodder.