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'No Clue On Timetable' Is Official Word On DeAndre Daniels Signing Announcement

After days and days of waiting for any signs of life from DeAndre Daniels’ camp, word finally leaked from his director at the IMG Academy where Daniels and Kansas Jayhawks recruit Jamari Traylor played last season that no decision is forthcoming.

Brian Hanni, host of Rock Chalk Sports Talk, says via Twitter, "IMG’s Andy Borman just texted me that he has “no clue” on what the timetable for a DeAndre Daniels decision will be moving forward." This comes after Borman said he was officially announcing Wednesday afternoon and then it was postponed until Thursday morning. In other words, this is a soap opera that’s quickly become tiresome.

Fans and coaching staffs will still eagerly await Daniels’ decision because of the caliber of player he is and the needs of some of the teams involved. After all, the Texas Longhorns just lost Tristan Thompson at forward to the draft, as did Kansas with the twins, Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris. Oregon, the perceived third party, also would have immediate playing time.

More details to come as they surface, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess as to not only what Daniels will decide but when he will decide it.