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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Draft Stock Falling For Kansas' Morris Twins

As the wave of 2011 NBA Draft mocks wash ashore day after day, it becomes clear how the players are lining up — at least in the minds of draft prognosticators everywhere. And the buzz surrounding Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris, the talented forwards from Kansas, is not good, as the latest mock from SB Nation’s Tom Ziller has both falling far out of the lottery toward the bottom half of the first round.

Specifically, Ziller has Marcus Morris being taken at No. 19, two spots higher than his brother at No. 21 overall. The former is predicted to head to the Charlotte Bobcats, who also choose at the No. 9 overall slot, and Ziller notes Marcus’ tweener status as one reason he might fall:

The Brook of the Morris twins is slated by most to go much higher, possibly even to the Bobcats at No. 9. But tweeners sink, and Morris is that. It’s not clear he has the athleticism to play small forward or the size to play power forward; despite numerous similar stories working out in the NBA, it’s a stigma no prospect wants.

Markieff Morris, meanwhile, is projected to go to the Portland Trailblazers, breaking up a pair that has never played organized basketball apart before. Portland would certainly be a great place for Markieff to land with his overall talents on a deep team that could use him at multiple positions.

As low as the Morris’ twins might fall before draft day, it’s also bound to rise given their talents and overall games that lack any real weakness. It’s the back and forth of the mock draft season, so prospects would do themselves a bit of good if they ignore the rumors and just focus on getting themselves ready for what lies ahead.

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