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Former Kansas Jayhawk Aqib Talib To Receive Indictment For Gun Charges Friday

A grand jury in Texas is expected to indict Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib on Friday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reports Rick Stroud of The charge, a second-degree felony which carries a prison term of 2-20 years in Texas, stems from an incident on March 21 wherein the former Kansas Jayhawk “attempted to pistol whip and later fired gunshots at his sister’s boyfriend, Shannon Billings.”

The grand jury saw evidence about the incident during a Wednesday hearing, and though the official word will not come down until Friday, a source Stroud cites indeed says Talib will be indicted.

Talib, 25, forewent his senior season at Kansas to enter the 2008 NFL Draft, where the Bucs made him the 20th overall selection. In his three-year career, he’s recorded 15 interceptions, ranking him sixth in the league during that span. In his final season at Kansas, he ranked second in the Big 12 with five interceptions and first in the conference in interception return yards. Those impressive stats, and his performance overall, helped make him a consensus All-American.

In short, it’s hard to argue Talib’s talent on the football field. But if these allegations are true, it’s fair to question what’s going on between his ears.