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Could Jimmer Fredette Land With Indiana Pacers In 2011 NBA Draft?

Outside of the top choices in the 2011 NBA Draft (or even above those), the question of where Brigham Young point guard Jimmer Fredette will land in the draft is perhaps the biggest question in the minds of fans. After all, who wasn’t swept up in the scoring frenzy he put on this last season, especially as he carried his team to the Sweet Sixteen?

Yet his NBA Draft stock isn’t as certain as his position as one of the better scorers in recent college basketball history. Many cite his poor defense and others have questioned his athleticism at the next level. Names like Adam Morrison are brought out in articles, citing another prolific college scorer who was famous on one level only to tank on the next. But those comparisons aren’t fair.

Thus, Fredette seems to be dispelling any misgivings about him one team at a time. ESPN’s Chad Ford says that Fredette is nailing his interviews with several teams and displaying the necessary skills at the next level in his personal workouts. In particular, Ford says the Indiana Pacers could be the home for Fredette in the draft:

The word out of Indiana on Tuesday was that Fredette looked great in the workout. And despite the addition of Darren Collison last summer, Fredette does fit a need. On the checklist of areas the Pacers want to upgrade this summer, getting a scorer who can create his own shot is a major item. Fredette’s unlimited range, nasty crossover and ability to shoot off the dribble are all proved. If he has a great workout, Indiana could be his floor.

Indiana has the No. 15 overall selection in the draft, so that keeps the BYU product in the top half. However, that also allows Fredette to slide past the Utah Jazz, who many have choosing Fredette with their second of two first round selections at No. 12. The Suns also could be a good fit for his playing style and scoring ability at the point, and they select at No. 13. As much as Indiana might like him, he might not be available.

Either way, it’s now looking like anyone who thought Jimmer could fall significantly in the draft is mistaken, as his draft stock climbs higher and higher with each team that falls in love with him.