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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Houston Rockets Becoming Common Slot For Markieff Morris

Many scouts and sportswriters analyzing prospects for the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft are in love with both Morris twins from Kansas, and Markieff Morris specifically is thought to bring a terrific low post presence to whichever team selects him. Looking at mock drafts posted around the Internet, one common spot seems to be with the Houston Rockets who would definitely benefit from such a selection.

For a team who's going to miss the interior presence of Yao Ming likely for the entire next season, drafting dependable players like Markieff Morris who can beef up the post and provide a strong, youthful presence is key. Morris can score in the low post, defend the position well and yet provide enough versatility to stay a force on the court no matter what the situation is.

In the end, he would provide the Rockets (or another team) with a solid rebounder and defensive presence as well as a developing offensive game in a solid 6-9 frame that can continue to add muscle. For the Rockets, it's a choice that makes sense at the No. 14 overall selection.