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Are Milwaukee Bucks Zeroing In On Marcus Morris In 2011 NBA Draft?

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Every NBA team is consistently bringing in various players to get a better look at the prospects who may be on the board come their turn at the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft. But a closer look at a recent workout might reveal more than draft homework when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s because the group of players really don’t make much sense.

The Bucks will be selecting at No. 10 and 40 overall in the draft if no trades are made. Yet a recent group of prospects brought in, headed up by Kansas forward Marcus Morris, featured only one player who could remotely be a lottery selection (Morris). Each of the rest — Dwight Buycks (Marquette), Andrew Goudelock (College of Charleston), Trey Thompkins (Georgia), Malcolm Delaney (Virginia Tech) and Anatoly Bose (Nicholls State) — are all considered second-round prospects at best.

The main “issue” here, if there is one, is a simple mismatch in play when Morris goes up against players not considered in his same level of competition. Morris is easily the best prospect in the bunch, so it’s clear he’s going to excel. Are the Bucks already decided on Morris before the draft, and just wanted to get a closer look at him while also considering some possibilities for the second round?

Certainly the Bucks will do their homework and look at each and every option, so this is most likely nothing out of the ordinary. But one look at the workout recently conducted on the front end of Milwaukee’s pre-draft schedule certainly looks interesting for not only who it includes but who it also leaves out.

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