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2011 NBA Draft: Markieff Morris To Wizards In Chad Ford's Latest Mock

As we continue to monitor the possible destinations of Kansas forward Markieff Morris, it's a quick realization that throwing a dart at a list of all NBA teams might be just as good of a guess as reporting on endless mock drafts. The reason is simple: Markieff Morris has been connected to every team with a draft choice from the bottom of the lottery through the end of the first round.

The brother of Marcus Morris, Markieff was a defensive force in the paint for the Kansas Jayhawks, and many see that same value transferring to the NBA even with concerns that Markieff isn't quite as long as desired for a solid defensive four or five. His game is a polished one from an elite program, and the ability to add a strong asset down low will suit several teams well since such players are always in demand in the NBA.

Chad Ford sees Markieff headed to the Wizards at No. 18 overall given the draft board and the way his sixth mock falls into place. He writes:

In this mock, we have the Wizards going with a forward at No. 6. That sets them up to grab yet more rebounding help in the paint from Morris at No. 18. Morris' size, shot-blocking and ability to stretch the defense with his shooting should make him an attractive option here.

While Washington returns some strong talent down low already in Javale McGee and Andray Blache, they also lose Al Thornton and Maurice Evans as free agents so there's definitely room in the immediate rotation for a player like Markieff. It's a solid addition for the Wizards should they choose the Jayhawk, but then again, it's been the same report for every team thus far he's been linked to.