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2011 NBA Draft Rumors: Could Jimmer Fredette Fall To The New York Knicks?

The instant reaction might be, “No way.” Given the draft rumors surrounding Jimmer Fredette, it would be surprising to see the Brigham Young scorer fall past several teams who apparently have been impressed with Fredette in private workouts and interviews. Yet remember one thing before any draft in which picks can be swapped — whether NFL or NBA — don’t believe everything you hear. That’s why it’s curious to consider the New York Knicks as a possible destination for Jimmer in the 2011 NBA Draft.

The buzz starts at the No. 7 selection overall in the draft for the Sacramento Kings. That’s the highest conceivable spot for Fredette to go. The Charlotte Bobcats at No. 9 have been mentioned. So have the Utah Jazz (No. 12), Phoenix Suns (No. 13) and Indiana Pacers (No. 14). That’s a lot of smoke, and as they say, there’s likely a fire there. But what about smoke being used for a different purpose — as a smokescreen?

If so many teams are interested in Fredette, why would they even talk about it openly? If anything, it would be used to create value for their draft position and possibly take advantage of another team who is truly in love with Fredette. Rarely are teams ever so open about their favored choices and draft hopes, so why would be buy the word that so many teams have openly said, “We love Jimmer Fredette?”

The reality is that teams are holding their cards close to their vests, while talking out another side of their mouths about draft rumors. If everyone wants Jimmer Fredette then it’s possible that none of them do. And if that’s the case, then Fredette could possibly fall to a team in the lower half like the New York Knicks. Scorers are already in place with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire, but Mike D’Antoni’s offense could also use a third scorer and adding a shooter like Jimmer Fredette would make that offensive absolutely impossible to guard.

With Chauncey Billups in the fold, there’s no starting point guard spot available for Jimmer, but consider the current shooting guards on the roster for next year: Roger Mason and Landry Fields. There’s room there for a dynamic scorer whether in the starting line-up at times or on the bench to sub for Billups, and Fredette’s scoring ability would be a dream for D’Antoni.

On the outside, the Knicks have been stressing they want to choose size and defense, but if the draft’s best scorer falls in your lap, how can you deny that choice? It’s tailor made for a large market and dynamic scoring team for Fredette to fall there. And it might just happen despite everything that you hear.