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2011 NBA Draft Rumors: Charlotte Bobcats Move Up In Draft To Select Bismack Biyombo

Ken Berger of CBS has posted a new Twitter message saying that Bismack Biyombo is the target for the Charlotte Bobcats at their newly acquired No. 7 selection slot in the 2011 NBA Draft. If that’s true, it would cement the NBA’s recent extension of a green room invitation to Biyombo to join the live proceedings at the draft — something the NBA only does with likely lottery selections.

Chad Ford says Biyombo can deliver size and toughness in the paint from day one on the court, which is obviously something any NBA team can use. However, the Bobcats could definitely use someone of Biyombo’s talents, considering they’re employing Kwame Brown and Joel Pryzbilla in the middle. They have Tyrus Thomas at the four, but he still can’t get over the 20 minutes a night hump and D.J. White hasn’t fully developed either.

If the Bobcats can also add Tristan Thompson at the No. 9 slot, the Bobcats entire frontcourt would be remade in impressive fashion.