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2011 NBA Draft: Lack Of Defined Position Hurt Marcus Morris' Draft Stock, Falls To Houston Rockets

Marcus Morris says he isn’t one. Draft analysts don’t believe he can be the other. Thus the uber-talented Kansas forward has become saddled with what is known as the “tweener” label, and it’s something that definitely hurt Morris’ draft stock as he fell to the No. 14 overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft, landing with the Houston Rockets. Now, Morris will likely have a chip on his shoulder as he sets out to prove he can adequately play the three-spot.

Chad Ford says this is the reason his brother, Markieff, was taken one pick higher than him even though the numbers and scouting reports didn’t even have the brothers similar in overall talent. As Ford writes, “People laughed when NBA scouts said in February that Markieff could go ahead of his twin brother. As the draft got closer, scouts got comfortable that Markieff has a position, while they aren’t sure Marcus does.”

If Morris can fill that small forward spot, he will team with Chase Budinger and maybe Terrence Williams to round out the wing. Morris can certainly play out on the wing as his shot extends to three-point range. However, Morris has a very well-rounded game as he can score from anywhere and rebound well. He’s also a good defender and comes from a great program. In other words, the Rockets should be pleased even if Morris isn’t a 40-minute starter at small forward.