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New Schools In Mix Alongside Kansas For Top Recruit DeAndre Daniels

As if there hasn’t already been enough drama and waiting involved in the DeAndre Daniels saga, now word is leaking through college recruiting sources that new schools are in the mix for the last unsigned impact player in college basketball. While several schools remain in the mix, including Texas and Kansas, the rumors are that new schools are joining the ranks.

Specifically, the word is that two new schools have at least entered the picture with efforts to reach out. UConn has one more scholarship available for the coming year and would feature a program elite enough to entice someone like Daniels to certainly a take a look. Oklahoma State is also said to be reaching out to Daniels in hopes of joining fellow Big 12 programs Texas and KU.

One school that’s out is Oregon, according to Matt Prehm who covers Oregon recruiting for Duck Territory. He said via Twitter that “Oregon is out of the race,” so at least competitor is gone.

Coming in this late in the game might be a reach, and perhaps a coach like Jim Calhoun is just doing his job in checking on every possibility. Yet when a talent like Daniels remains available this late in the season, you do anything you can to influence the decision.