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Big 12 Rankings For EA Sports NCAA Football '12 Revealed

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State fare the bet atop the overall rankings out of all Big 12 entries.

The road to the National Championship for college football runs through the Big 12 and specifically the Oklahoma Sooners if you trust the rankings for EA Sports latest college football release, NCAA Football '12. The Sooners are one of two teams with an Overall rating of A+ -- the other being Alabama -- and they are ranked No. 1 in the preseason rankings that come with the game.

Other Big 12 schools also fare well including two more teams in the Top Ten. Oklahoma State is ranked No. 7 overall and Texas A&M is at No. 9 with overall ratings of A-. Further down the list is Nebraska at No. 16, who is heading toward the Big Ten this year, and Texas sits at No. 22 with Missouri immediately following at No. 23.

The rest of the Big 12 can be found below:
Baylor - No. 43 - Overall: B
Texas Tech - No. 48 - B
Kansas State - No. 51 - Overall: B+
Kansas - No. 76 - Overall: B-
Iowa State - No. 77 - Overall: B-