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NBA Draft 2011: Can Marcus Morris Crack Top 10 With Bucks Or Bobcats?

The common franchises bandied around as possible landing spots for Marcus Morris, the apparently higher rated of Kansas two Morris twins, have multiple needs, making it hard to figure out whether Morris is a sure thing to either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Charlotte Bobcats. Then again, is anything an absolute certainty besides the top overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft?

Besides Kyrie Irving headed from Duke to the Cleveland Cavaliers, everything else is up in the air. From Minnesota’s questions of holding onto the No. 2 choice or not down through the rest of the lottery, various prospects have wide ranges depending on the player and teams in range. Marcus Morris is a great example as a talented forward who brings enough to the table to warrant consideration yet has enough question marks to involve several other players to compete against.

In his most recent mock draft, Chad Ford mentions the Bobcats as a likely place for Morris to go at No. 9. In doing so, he mentions the known quantity that Morris is as a plus when he writes, “The Bobcats haven’t been the greatest drafters the past few years. Michael Jordan is determined to change that. The thinking in Charlotte is to not take big risks — to go with a proven product and swing for a double instead of a home run.”

Ford then bookends that with a list of other players that could be chosen here instead, including Klay Thompson and Jordan Hamilton. It’s another example of not knowing anything for certain. Given the Bobcats recent draft history, Morris would indeed find several areas to help in the frontcourt and giving one of the stronger sure-thing options in this draft. That’s a good addition for a team like Charlotte, although it’s not enough of a home run to change the team’s overall momentum.