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Former Kansas Jayhawk Aqib Talib Receives Benefit Of Doubt From Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The legal issues of Aqib Talib won't go away. But given the cornerback's incredible talent and the lack of any kind of impact playmaker within the Tampa Bay secondary outside of him, it seems Talib has won the right to stay on the Bucs roster.

General Manager Mark Dominik met with reporters today to discuss several matters, and the word on the former Kansas Jayhawk corner is that he's expected to come to training camp on time. Dominik said he spoke with Talib's agent, but hasn't talked directly to his star defender. However, the team will get that chance to gather more information later on in camp.

It's possible that the Bucs want to be able to interview Talib himself before making a move like releasing him, but it's also important to realize that unless Talib is a distraction for the team, they really can't stand to lose him. He had 6 interceptions last season and 15 in his young career. Despite some negative publicity, such a young team would take a significant step backwards if they lost Talib at this stage.