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Thomas Robinson Was Unexpected Find For Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

A recent article on ESPN detailing unexpected finds in college posted an interesting quote from Bill Self, head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, when referencing how they found next year's likely MVP Thomas Robinson. Specifically, Self says he was just attending a camp for several players when Robinson stuck out apart from other players he was actually there to see.

"I was watching Thomas Robinson at ABCD camp in New Jersey, and I'm sitting next to a scouting service guy and I said, 'Am I missing something, because this kid looks really good,'" Self told ESPN's Andy Katz. "He was a find we didn't anticipate."

I'm not sure why he wasn't noticed, since has him breaking out at a Reebok camp in 2008 and notes that every major program was looking at him after that. Perhaps this was before that setting. Either way, Robinson has definitely been that uncovered gem and Jayhawk fans have lots to look forward to next season.