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Georgia Tech's Orwin Smith Runs For 95 Yard Touchdown To Take Lead Against Kansas Jayhawks

One minute earlier, the Kansas Jayhawks were feeling good about their special teams unit pinning Georgia Tech’s offense inside their own five yard line. One play later, Yellow Jackets’ running back Orwin Smith was taking it the distance on a counter play to the opposite goal line for a 7-0 lead. That doesn’t bode well for KU who are going to need to keep the game close to have a chance.

Smith is a junior running back who stands 6-0, 202 lbs and is a playmaker as a rusher, receiver and returner. KU is going to have to make sure to keep Smith in check all day, but home run plays like this are what make Smith a standout player in the first place. Now the Jayhawks have to go to work and match the points they just put on the board.

Georgia Tech has six plays of 70 yards or more already this year.