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Georgia Tech Up Over Kansas 21-14 Midway Through Second Quarter

It’s been a game with little to show for their defensive efforts, that much for sure. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lead the Kansas Jayhawks 21-14 midway through the second quarter and it’s been a game of an offense trying to one-up the other back and forth. If anything, it’s entertaining for fans and frustrating for defensive coordinators.

Both teams are converting ridiculous amounts of third downs. Kansas is enjoying a 70 percent third down conversion rate and Georgia Tech is 66 percent. The biggest difference is that Tech already has 264 rushing yards on the day and we’re not even to halftime. On the flip side, they have zero passing yards. Yes, KU’s lanes are that open for them to just keep running the ball until they’re stopped.

The good news is that Jordan Webb has KU’s passing attack working well and they’re balancing the run alongside it. It’s a back and forth affair and the team that finds its defensive footing will likely come out the victor.