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Kansas Jayhawks Getting Trounced 45-17 By Orwin Smith, Georgia Tech Midway Through Third Quarter

What was once an offensive deadlock has quickly become one-sided in just over a quarter of football. The Kansas Jayhawks were enjoying long drives sustained by third down conversions and the steady hand of quarterback Jordan Webb. Now they trail Georgia Tech by 28 and seem to have no chance of winning a contest there were in for most of the first half.

The Yellow Jackets are currently up 45-17 and Orwin Smith specifically is running up the score with one incredible play after another. Then again, the entire GT offense is having a field day against a KU defense that looks more like a sieve than anything else. On the whole, it’s an embarrassing day to be on the Jayhawks defense.

To sum up just how big GT’s big play ability is, quarterback Tevin Washington is only 3 for 5 but has 2 touchdowns and 160 passing yards. Orwin Smith has 5 carries for 157 rushing yards. It’s one big play after another for GT, the very thing that cripples KU in games like this. There’s still lots of time left (6 minutes to go in third quarter), but things don’t look good for Turner Gill’s crew.