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Oklahoma State-Tulsa Still Scheduled To Be Played Tonight Despite Weather Delays

The official Twitter accounts of both Oklahoma State and Tulsa athletics are signaling that the game tonight will still be played if the weather cooperates enough to make it happen. A game that was already scheduled late in Tulsa has been postponed since the official game time of 9pm CT because of lightning that’s come with high winds and rain through the area. The other elements aren’t an issue, but the crowds were evacuated to sheltered areas once lightning as a woncern.

Apparently it’s a signal that not only will the weather be settled, but it’s best to go ahead and play the game later since everyone is already present. Resetting a game like this could take a lot of work for not just the teams but every industry involved. So at this point, it’s good news that everyone is willing to wait out the storm. However, we will keep you posted if we hear otherwise.