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Pac-12 Expansion: Conference Reportedly Trying To Add Oklahoma Sooners And Texas Longhorns

Both Oklahoma and Texas enjoy national prominence in football and a strong overall athletic presence with solid markets for both recruiting and promotion. Thus, they are prime targets for conferences looking to expand, something that EESPN is reporting the Pac-12 is hoping to do. Remember that the Colorado Buffaloes already went Westward to join the conference for this calendar year, and now some familiar faces might be joining them.

The problem with Texas joining any major conference has been the formation of their own television network and the tremendous influence and power the school wields toward those around it. The Big 12 has recently been bashed in the media for its self-centeredness versus the shared sense of authority by conferences like the Big Ten or the SEC. However, the Pac-12 is reportedly working on ways to get around that.

There are two reports conflicting one another at this time, although neither dispel this particular rumor. Instead, it concerns the timing. Larry Scott, the commissioner of the Pac-12, has already said the revamping of the collegiate landscape is coming faster than anticipated. However, Andy Katz at ESPN has a source that says this could take a while. Notice that neither one can dispute the idea that both powerful schools could join the Pac-12.

More reports are bound to come out one way or the other as the work week unfolds, but it’s interesting to hear Texas’ name come up in discussions rather than possibly going independent as some have predicted.