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Big 12 Commissioner: Chuck Neinas Likely To Replace Dan Beebe As Interim

Neinas, the former Big 8 commish, has formally applied for the interim role.

CBS Sports is reporting that Chuck Neinas has formally applied for the interim Big 12 commissioner position vacated by Dan Beebe's recent resignation. This means that a conference in flux has a position of leadership in flux. Yet for those who feel a sense of allegiance toward the Big 12, Neinas' hiring comes at a good time.

Neinas has tremendous experience with nearly every Big 12 school as his consulting firm, Neinas Sports Services, has helped 10 of the Big 12, says Dennis Dodd. Neinas has a steady hand with contacts everywhere it seems. He previously served as Big Eight commish from '71 to '80 and from there has helped negotiate college football TV contracts with every major network.

Neinas has also served as CEO of Ascent Entertainment, owners of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets and he was even a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors.

The bottom line is that Neinas not only replaces the unpopular Beebe, but he comes with tremendous experience of working all angles of major events and organizations for the last few decades. He knows what it takes to bring stability and growth to a fractured entity like the Big 12, so it wouldn't surprise in the least if Neinas is the one credited for righting the ship and convincing those left to stay on board.