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Big 12 Drama: Kansas, Kansas State Reportedly Join Baylor In Lawsuit Against Texas A&M For Leaving For SEC

As the Big 12 falls apart, the desperate continue to grasp at straws.

The SEC has officially opened its doors to Texas A&M to no one's surprise, but the Baylor Bears aren't having it -- at least not without a fight. The school has initiated a lawsuit against the Aggies in a move to apparently block the move or at least disrupt it to some degree. And now that Baylor has started the process, others are joining in as word is leaking that Kansas and Kansas State are joining Baylor in their lawsuit.

The legal action comes in that the SEC is afraid of potential legal action against the conference because of possible calls of interference on their part. Going back, the word leaked out early about the move and everyone backed out for a bit to let the news settle. However, it's clear this move has been telegraphed for quite some time, thus the reason for Baylor's lawsuit -- or at least providing context for the legal action.

It will all get settled in the end, but it might cost the SEC millions in some sort of settlement. Baylor's last ditch effort might earn some money but it also shows just how desperate the have-nots of the Big 12 must be feeling.