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Could Brock Berglund Follow Darrian Miller Away From Charlie Weis' Kansas Jayhawks?

When a new head coach comes in, there’s always an expected level of turnover in terms of former coaches and holdover players from the previous regime. Thus, it is to be expected that players like running back Darrian Miller are officially gone from the Kansas Jayhawks as Charlie Weis takes over. However, other faces might be missing as well without explanation and perhaps that means that a player like Brock Berglund is also leaving KU.

That’s what Owen over at Rock Chalk Talk wonders and it’s a great question.

“As expected both Darrian Miller and Jordan Webb were absent from the initial team meeting,” writes Owen. "No big surprise there. The other two names that weren’t necessarily expected, Adonis Saunders and Brock Berglund.

“There were several reports since the Weis hire that indicated Berglund would return to Lawrence and join the team. That might still be the case, but I would say step one is showing up to the first team meeting and that didn’t happen. Hopefully it’s an excused absence for one reason or another. My hunch would be that this staff won’t have as much tolerance for the lack of participation.”

Weis brings a lot of excitement with him to the program and it’s clear that KU is turning a corner — hopefully in a positive direction. That doesn’t mean that the players will see it that way, however. It’s said that people vote with their feet. Berglund is potentially casting a vote one way or another.