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Is Mark Mangino Returning To Big 12 With Oklahoma Sooners?

Mark Mangino has always been a larger than life figure in Big 12 football, and now it seems there's space for him to return. The former Kansas Jayhawks head football coach was once Coach of the Year and brought the KU program to its greatest heights from 2002 to 2007. However, he left the program when allegations of player abuse surfaced. Now he might be coming back to familiar territory in the Big 12 with the Oklahoma Sooners if rumors are true from Barry Switzer.

Johnny Kane of KMBC is reporting via Twitter on Mangino's return. He writes, "Barry Switzer says rumor is former KU coach Mark Mangino will return to Oklahoma. Source told me he met with Stoops in the fall." Mangino's exit was dramatic and he has his detractors, but his football sense was never questioned and he would make a strong addition to the OU coaching staff.

At this point, everything is just speculation, but this will be interesting to see if Mangino does return and, if so, in what capacity.