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Charlie Weis Hire At Kansas Graded An 'F' By Sports Illustrated

When Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger shocked the greater college football community by hiring Charlie Weis, it was a move received with much criticism. Now Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel has a report card for college football's new hires, and it's... not kind.

There's a particular rancor set aside by Mandel for the Weis-to-Kansas move: even much maligned hires like Jim L. Mora to UCLA and Arizona State's hiring of Pittsburgh one-and-done coach Todd Graham earned a "D." Granted, it's merely a literary device, but only Weis earned an actual failing grade from Mandel:

Congratulations, AD Sheahon Zenger, you made your big splash. Surely a coach who led Notre Dame to its worst season in school history (3-9 in 2007), oversaw a miserable Florida offense last season and has demonstrated little ability to develop young players will be a smashing success. Even if by some miracle Kansas soars under his watch, Weis will be back in the NFL shortly thereafter.

Check out Mandel's entire report card here.

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