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Charlie Weis Refuses Brock Berglund's Request For Permission To Explore Schools Outside Of Kansas

Brock Berglund is officially a former Kansas Jayhawk football player, but in a bizarre turn, KU is preventing him from becoming a future anything-else, at least at the FBS level.

Bergland, a rising sophomore, was one of six players dismissed by new head coach Charlie Weis, who also brought in high-profile transfer quarterbacks for the present (former Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist) and future (former BYU quarterback Jake Heaps, who will sit a year).

Such is the business of college football at the FBS level - Bergland was recruited to specifically run former head coach Turner Gill's offense - but Kansas is preventing Berglund from joining another D1 school. Per Yahoo Sports, Bergland was denied an official release, and is now fighting the decision with a lawyer. His case will be heard January 27 with the Kansas Student Athlete Appeals Board:

"On Monday I was dismissed from the football team and at that point I was assuming, whatever and that I would be released," Berglund told Yahoo! Sports. "Tuesday I had correspondence with the athletic department saying my hearing [with the Kansas Student-Athlete Appeals Board] was scheduled for the 27th.

"I'm using a scholarship right now that they could be recruiting an athlete with. I don't know why they're dragging it out to this point. Really my ultimate goal is to get a release before we have to take the steps of showing up in Lawrence with a legal team and doing all these things that are just expensive and unnecessary for us and unnecessary for them."

According to a KU release, Bergland was officially released due to his failure to attend a mandatory team meeting. Bergland is also currently fighting a third-degree assault charge in Colorado that kept him from team involvement in 2011.

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