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Kansas Football Still 'Devoid Of Talent' Despite Imports Of Charlie Weis

There's been a lot of celebration of the off-season activity of the Kansas Jayhawks football team, but Matt Hayes of the Sporting News says that the Jayhawks have a long way to go if they plan on climbing much higher than the basement of the Big 12. Given the spate of good news (or at least interesting news) since the hiring of new head coach Charlie Weis, it's easy to forget just how poor the state of Jayhawks' football has been in recent years.

"The early buzz with the hiring of Charlie Weis is nice, but the reality is this team won two games in 2011 (should’ve been one) and is devoid of talent," writes Hayes. "Notre Dame transfer QB Dayne Crist walked on campus and was clearly the team’s most talented player. Weis will upgrade the offense, and they’ll score more than 19 points a game in conference. But can they stop anyone? Again, it comes down to (a lack of) players—but the hiring of longtime NFL assistant Dave Campo to run the unit is a big first step."

It's all about those steps for KU and Weis himself is aware of the long road ahead to respectability for the team. Yet there's nothing he can do about that in the present moment except make the moves needed to get there, and it seems that the Jayhawks are at least doing that.