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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings: Kansas Jayhawks Top ESPN's List Despite Missouri's Big Win

It might just be the reputation. After all, when a person typically thinks of Big 12 basketball, the Kansas Jayhawks are often the first thing that comes to mind. The Jayhawks are once again atop the Big 12 Power Rankings from ESPN’s Jason King and there’s a legitimate argument to be made after Missouri bested the Baylor Bears on the road this weekend. Either way, two local teams are dominating the rest of the Big 12 at this point.

About the Jayhawks, King writes, “Bill Self said Saturday’s 69-66 victory at Texas was his team’s best win of the season. Not because the Jayhawks played particularly well against the struggling Longhorns, but because they found a way to grind out a victory in a tough road environment. Kansas is 36-7 in Big 12 road games in the past five-plus seasons.”

Missouri comes in second in his rankings and Baylor fell to third overall. From there, the Iowa State Cyclones ranked fourth and the K-State Wildcats fell to fifth overall to round out the top five.