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College Football Bowl Eligibility Could Be Raised From Six To Seven Win Limit

If you paid much attention to this recent college bowl season, it immediately became clear that some uninspiring teams were playing other uninspiring teams in front of sparse crowds for the same of meaningless bowl games. In short, the college football bowl season has become a bit of a joke on the back end with a few bowls hosting match-ups that are mediocre at best. CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy is reporting that could be changing soon enough.

The current amount of wins a team must have to be eligible for a bowl game is six, but that total might be switching to seven, according to McMurphy's quick report on Twitter. The move would keep any team from being even at 6-6 and being able to brag about bowl game accomplishments. That alone would make the bowl season more meaningful, because the end of season climb for bowl eligibility can be one of the more exciting things to root for.

Most conferences have enough cupcakes to put at least a couple of easy wins on the schedule, so scrambling for six is not much of a sweat for many teams. However, seven changes the game entirely. It would be a welcome move on behalf of most fans, but there's likely to be some bowls that would fall away -- meaning some resistance from companies that would lose the promotion and cities that would lose revenue.