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Brock Berglund Hires Attorney In Hopes Of Kansas Scholarship Release

Brock Berglund has been caught in the middle and it's hard to tell what side is fair. When a new head coach comes into any team, it's natural for players to cycle out and others to cycle in. But Brock Berglund hasn't just left the team to transfer like some players. Instead, he's being held to his scholarship commitment and Charlie Weis, the Kansas Jayhawks new head football coach, might be willing to play chicken with Berglund. Thats' why the quarterback has sought legal counsel to help solve the issue.

"Berglund told The Associated Press in a phone interview that he sent a written request to school administrators in late December asking for permission to speak to other universities, but the request was denied," said an AP report. "The 19-year-old has a meeting scheduled for Friday in Lawrence, Kan., with the university's student-athlete appeals board, which will make a determination on whether the denial of Berglund's transfer request was fair."

A statement from his lawyer came out a while ago which read:

"The SAAB's inquiry will focus on whether the decision was fair and just given the circumstances. Any objective observer, shown all the facts, will know that the decision was not only unfair, but was arbitrary and capricious, and should be overturned. It will be very interesting to hear KU's explanation, particularly in light of the fact that it so gleefully courted players who were granted releases from their own respective programs, and wished the best of luck by their former coaches."