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Big 12 Expansion: West Virginia Move Still Tied To Big East, Move Not Official

When the dust settled on the moves of Texas A&M and Missouri to the SEC, the Big 12 had replacements ready to announce. Both TCU and West Virginia were named as the new teams coming into the Big 12, keeping a Texas tie with one school and a greater geographic reach with another. But the West Virginia tie is still officially on hold as the Big East is playing hardball with the Mountaineers.

“Obviously, this offseason will be just as wacky as last year’s,” writes the Sporting News’ Matt Hayes. "The Big 12 is still in the process of delivering its football schedule for 2012 and has a Feb. 1 deadline from its television partners. The problem is it doesn’t know for sure if West Virginia is officially leaving the Big East to join the Big 12.

“West Virginia officials have said numerous times that they plan on playing in the Big 12 in 2012, but that would mean breaking a contract with the Big East unless a court ruling decides otherwise. Yes, everyone, there are attorneys involved.”

Something will get done and it comes down to money. It always does. In the same way that draft picks wait until the final deadline, the amount of money will be what changes, not the final results. Anyone worried about whether or not WVU will play in the Big 12 next year or not is needlessly concerned.