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Bracketology 2012: Kansas Jayhawks, Missouri Tigers Both No. 2 Seeds In Joe Lunardi's Latest

Joe Lunardi is ESPN's expert when it comes to the NCAA Tournament and where teams fall -- otherwise known by the silly term "bracketology." If the NCAA men's basketball tournament were to start today under Lunardi's predictions, the Kansas Jayhawks would be a No. 2 seed overall and face Bucknell, a No. 15 seed, in the first round while playing in the Midwest region.

While all of this must be taken with a grain of salt, Lunardi's predictions do help show where a team could fall relative to others. Missouri is also a No. 2 seed in Lunardi's latest Bracketology release, which means that the region could boast two of the top five or six teams in the country and still not have a top seed. Other No. 2 seeds are Baylor and North Carolina.

Kansas State is a No. 7 seed at this point and looks to have a difficult time, if so, reaching the Sweet Sixteen.

The No. 1 seeds for Lunardi are Ohio State, Duke, Syracuse and Kentucky.