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Kansas Vs. Kansas State: Thomas Robinson Scouts The Wildcats

Who needs a studio analyst? For a breakdown of Kansas State's strengths going into Wednesday night's Big 12 conference tip-off against rival Kansas, The Lawrence Journal-World's KU Sports page got a scouting report from the Jayhawks' leading scorer Thomas Robinson on what K State brings to the court:

"They’re more dangerous. They’re not dependent on one person scoring for them. Now it’s more of an equal opportunity thing," Robinson said, noting he left Sprint Center especially impressed with Thomas Gipson (7.1 rebounds per game), Jamar Samuels (7.2 rpg) and Jordan Henriquez (5.7 rpg). "It’s easier to stop one player than 11."

Robinson predicts a highly physical match-up, although he's not intoning that the game will be chippy, just that the key to beating K State will come under the boards:

"They are a good 50/50 team," he added of securing the basketball when it is up for grabs. "It’s going to be a man’s game. Whoever wins most of the 50-50 balls has a lot better chance of winning.

"Me personally, it’s definitely a side I bring," he added of being willing to scrap for rebounds. "That’s what I live off of, coming down and rebounding. I’ll take the challenge."

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