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Wayne Selden signing adds 'swagger' for Bill Self, Kansas basketball recruiting

The latest addition to the Kansas recruiting class for 2013 is the Jayhawks' highest rated recruit since Josh Selby in 2010.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There was a time when you could describe Wayne Selden as a highly regarded small forward. You can now add the words "Kansas basketball player" to that description with the announcement today that Selden had selected the Jayhawks as his official school.

It's the sort of move that adds a major boost to Kansas' recruiting program even after the team had already landed Connor Frankamp and Brannen Greene. With Selden, however, the notoriety he brings is on part with the best in the country.

As ESPN's Dave Telep describes it, Selden brings the "swagger" that comes with landing such a prize to Bill Self and the Kansas program.

"Selden is a big-name recruit, the kind that gives a coach swagger," writes Telep. "Self has plenty of swagger, so maybe it's just added ammunition that Selden provides. He seems like the type of recruit that attracts other players. Selden has national recruiting swagger. Kansas needed him as much for his talent as it did his mojo. Self won a recruiting battle against Missouri, Syracuse, Florida, Ohio State and UCLA."

It's not as if Self and his staff needed Selden's talents to realize they are one of the elite programs in college basketball. However his arrival does serve as notice to the rest of the country that their status is likely to remain the same for some time.