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Bill Self says former Kansas coach Danny Manning 'is gonna be missed'

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self lost his "big man" coach, Manning, to Tulsa head coaching job.

Doug Pensinger

Kansas Jayhakws head basketball coach Bill Self was a bit nostalgic when asked about Tulsa's new basketball coach, Danny Manning.

Self spent 10 years mentoring Manning all the way from team manager to "chief aide." Needless to say, Self was a bit reflective when asked about Manning -- but still optimistic for the future of Kansas basketball.

"I think Danny's gonna be missed. I think the appearance of missing a presence like Danny is more so than what actually exists. It'd be the same way with anybody that's so well thought of and you knew he did such a good job. But the reality is the next guy's gonna do a good job."

Self has replaced Manning with Norm Roberts, as Kansas' "big man" coach.

Manning has spent a lot of time in Kansas, playing four years with the Jayhawks between 1984-1988. Manning played in the NBA between 1988 and 2003, before becoming Kansas' team manager in 2003. In 2006, Manning was elevated to an assistant coach for the Jayhawks, and now in 2012, he is Tulsa's head basketball coach.

Like Manning, Self also coached at Tulsa. Self was Tulsa head basketball coach between 1997-2000, and had a record of 74-27 with the Golden Hurricanes. Self was then hired at Illinois, and coached the Fighting Illini between 2000-2003 before signing on as Kansas head coach in 2003.