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VIDEO: Ben McLemore's dunk shows future of Kansas basketball

The highly touted Ben McLemore finally makes his debut this fall for Kansas basketball and judging by the early efforts, it's going to be a good year.

For the Kansas basketball fans who came out on Tuesday night to watch the Jayhawks open their season in an exhibition against Emporia State, there was a play that stood out among the rest -- it was a play that was definitely impactful and entertaining, but beyond that it was also representative of the hope of a new crop for Bill Self.

For the last year or more, Kansas fans have heard about the promise of Ben McLemore. Last night, he delivered. While a simple dunk at an exhibition game is, in and of itself, not news, it's clear that even after losing Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor to the NBA Draft that the team is going to be just fine and primed for another postseason run.

McLemore was ranked as a top 20 player nationally coming into Kansas and was one of the top four or five shooting guards available. The St. Louis native is expected to team with Perry Ellis to help shoulder the loss of Robinson and Taylor.