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Ben McLemore gives Kansas basketball 'one of the most exciting players in the country'

Jayhawks guard Ben McLemore earned plaudits in ESPN's Pick 'n' Roll column after a superb performance against Colorado.

Jamie Squire

There was no doubt for the Kansas Jayhawks as they completely destroyed the Colorado Buffaloes, 90-54, at Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday. Everyone on the Jayhawks seemed to be hitting on all cylinders, putting up far more points than most people expected against a very good Colorado team that had beaten almost everyone it had come up against in 2012.

Especially impressive was sophomore guard Ben McLemore, who had a team-high 24 points and five rebounds, another impressive performance for the budding Jayhawks star.

McLemore caught the eye of Robbi Pickeral on ESPN's Pick 'n' Roll column on Sunday. In the 'Three Things I Learned' section of the column, he admitted to being wrong about the Jayhawks in the preseason and lauded the play of the young guard, saying he could be one of the best players in the country in short time:

Boy, was that wrong. Not only did Kansas utterly destroy a good Colorado team at home Saturday, but the country also got to see the breadth of sophomore guard (and well-hidden partial qualifier) Ben McLemore's dynamic ability. His combination of shooting ability and athleticism are rare. He's already one of the most exciting players in the country. When he puts it all together, he'll be one of its best, too.

McLemore and the high-flying Jayhawks will suit up for their next game against Belmont on Dec. 15.