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Belmont presents 'unique' challenge for Kansas, Bill Self

The mid-majors have been a thorn in the Jayhawks' side in the past so they are preparing for Belmont with that thought in mind.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but this matchup makes for one of those upsets that nobody calls but everyone enjoys when tournament time comes around as the Kansas Jayhawks prepare to host the Belmont Bruins on Saturday night.

Kansas head coach Bill Self has felt the bite of the mid-majors over the years as the only non-conference home games the team has lost in the past 10 seasons all came at the hands of mid-majors. The Richmond Spiders, Nevada Wolf Pack and Oral Roberts Golden Eagles all took down the Jayhawks.

Belmont is a team with the capability to add another name to the list and Self told is well-aware of this fact:

"I'm telling you, they could beat us. If Belmont played in our league, they'd have success. They would."

Belmont has already beaten Stanford this season and come into the game with a tidy 7-2 record while the Jayhawks sit at 7-1. The Jayhawks will have to prevent Belmont from getting hot from behind the three-point line as they shoot 42.1 percent from three including senior guard Ian Clark's insane 55.9 percent clip. Clark is the team's leading scorer at 18.9 points per game.

Belmont is not a team to look over and the two teams know they are in for a good game:

"They're kind of unique, in that, like a lot of schools that aren't from BCS conferences, you can't go out and get four big guys. So they play threes at the four and twos at the three."

The game starts at 6 p.m. CT at Allen Fieldhouse.