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Kansas vs. Richmond: Series tied between Jayhawks-Spiders

Richmond won the first ever matchup between the two teams with an upset, road victory in January 2004.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas Jayhawks and Richmond Spiders have faced each other just two times in men's basketball, with each team earning a victory in one of the games. The No. 9 Jayhawks can take a 2-1 lead in the series history and snap a five-game winning streak for the Spiders on Tuesday night with a win.

Richmond won the first ever game between the two teams with an upset win over then-No. 12 Kansas in January 2004. The road victory was a highlight win for the Spiders that finished 20-13 and earned a spot in the NCAA Tournament, but lost in the first round to Wisconsin.

The Jayhawks had to wait seven years for their revenge, but got it in the Sweet 16 round of the 2011 NCAA Tournament with a dominating 77-57 win to end the season for the Spiders. With a 9-2 record to begin the season, Richmond is off to a promising start to another season that they hope results in a trip to the NCAA Tournament at season's end.