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Could Dick Ebersol Be The New Big 12 Commissioner?

With the Big 12 looking for a new commissioner to replace Chuck Neinas, who is stepping down from his interim position on July 1, Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls floated an extremely interesting name on Monday:

File this one away: Heard from a Big 12 source that Dick Ebersol, the former chairman of NBC Sports who worked with Olympics and NFL telecasts as well as "Saturday Night Live," could be a candidate to replace Chuck Neinas as Big 12 commissioner this summer.

Ebersol is one of the true giants in the TV business, and he's had in his hands in everything from the Olympics to the rise of the NFL as well as the NBC's handling of the Tonight Show.

He resigned from his position in 2011, but has remained on board as a senior adviser to the network.

Landing him would be a giant coup for the reconstituted Big 12, as Ebersol's long history of connections within the TV industry could help the conference as it jockeys for position during the upcoming round of BCS negotiations.