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Kansas Football Recruiting: Tim Grunhard Says Jayhawks' Goal Is To 'Shut Down Kansas City'

Charlie Weis was able to reach far and wide to bring in the latest members of his 2012 class of recruits. But in the future, the Kansas Jayhawks are also going to be very focused on the local area as they scour for talent. In fact, Tim Grunhard, the team's offensive line coach, says they want to "shut Kansas City down."

"Our goal is to shut Kansas City down. It is important for us to let them know that the University of Kansas is their school," said Grunhard in a recent interview with Jayhawk Slant. "For their families, they are only 40-45 minutes away so they can watch the games. It's important to walk out of your locker room and see your family. With the other school leaving and joining the SEC there is a better opportunity to see the away games like Iowa State, OU, Oklahoma State, etc. These four years go really fast that they have to realize that it is important to win, but it is also important for your family to see you win"

There's a long way to go to change the culture at KU, but Grunhard speaks with a tenacity that's needed after a more laid-back regime in Lawrence.