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Border War 2012: Missouri Win Over Kansas Could Create Big 12 Three-Way Tie

A lot is at stake for today’s Border War showdown between the Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks at Columbia. Not only is it about pride, bragging rights and all of the intangible emotions and momentum that come with beating a rival — especially a highly-ranked one — but major Big 12 posturing is also at stake. Instead, Baylor is hoping for Mizzou to win to create a logjam at the top, while KU can walk away with some breathing room if they play things right.

Gary Parrish writes, “It’s been several years since I’ve been to Missouri for a game despite the fact that it’s just an 80-minute flight from my home. I apologize to Kim English and company for my absence. But there’s nowhere better to be Saturday than in Columbia because the fourth-ranked Tigers are hosting No. 8 Kansas, and a Mizzou win — combined with a Baylor victory at Oklahoma State — will create a three-way tie for first in the Big 12 between Kansas, Missouri and Baylor. Fun league, huh? Looking forward to my 80-minute flight.”

Parrish says it’s the top game of the week for him and it’s impossible to argue with that. Today’s Border War is going to be going beyond the typical regional attention due to the surge of Missouri to the top of the college basketball rankings. This has major implications for the AP Top 10 and both teams will come ready to play.