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Selection Show TV Time: 2012 NCAA Tournament Field Revealed Sunday

The NCAA men's basketball tournament field is ready to be set this evening, and college basketball fans from all over will be watching to see not only if their team made it or not but who they will be playing. It's also the start of the wonderful "office pool" time of year as well. As CBS hosts the official selection show, there's more analysis this year than there has been in previous seasons.

Jerod Morris writes, "What is unique about this year’s Selection Sunday coverage is that the Selection Show crew will be hosting an hour-long special immediately after the Selection Show called Hardcore Brackets to break down the brackets with actual committee members. The show will be aired on truTV at 7:00 ET. They are promising more insight than we’ve ever gotten into why certain teams made it, why others did not, and why teams were seeded what they were seeded."

NCAA Selection Show

Date/Time: Sunday, March 11, 5:00 p.m. CT


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