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NCAA Tournament 2012: Kansas, Missouri Officially Miss Out On No. 1 Seeds

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The Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks both have legitimate complaints to take up with the selection committee for the 2012 NCAA Tournament. That’s because both teams were passed over for a No. 1 seed in a season where either team deserved a spot as one of the top four programs in the country. Instead, the Big 12 winners and the conference tourney champs were both left high and dry.

The Jayhawks won the Big 12 outright from the regular season, but the Tigers beat Baylor for the Big 12 tournament title. The Tigers even had a 30 win season from a power conference. Instead it was Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina and Michigan State at the top.

From the AP report, “The madness in March Madness began before the brackets even came out. Kentucky, Syracuse and North Carolina all earned top seeding for the NCAA tournament Sunday despite weekend losses that brought even more intrigue to the three-week, 67-game tournament.”

That final spot could have went to one team from a power conference, including the 30-win Missouri Tigers. Instead, the Big Ten grabbed and left the Big 12 high and dry.

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