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NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012: Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State And North Carolina Grab Top Seeds

The top seeds have all been set and they’ve gone to the teams you would have expected, maybe with the exception of the Michigan State Spartans. The Kentucky Wildcats, North Carolina Tar Heels and Syracuse Orangemen were all comfortably nestled into their No. 1 seed slots before the unveiling of Selection Sunday began.

The entire field has been set and you can see the <a href=“ target=”new">entire bracket here. The fields all look very even although the buzz on Twitter is that the South region in particular looks very heavy. Kentucky, Duke, Baylor and Indiana are the top four seeds and other teams like Wichita State, Notre Dame, Xavier and UNLV could all be very dangerous.

But that could be the case for every region. The Missouri Tigers are going to try to show up the Spartans if they can both reach the Elite Eight to prove the doubters wrong on the selection committee. The Kansas Jayhawks, meanwhile, will be the No. 2 seed in the Midwest as they try to take a team most believed was destined to rebuild after major exits last offseason to the NBA and make a Final Four run.

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