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NCAA Tournament 2012: Drexel, Nevada, Miami And Oral Roberts Were Last Four Teams Ousted From Bracket

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For those fan bases from various schools wondering why your particular college or university didn’t make the 2012 NCAA Tournament, there is a bit of reprieve for you as the selection committee for the entire affair has made themselves available as they explain why they chose what they chose. Surprisingly they’ve also listed the four teams that were the last ones ousted before the bracket was release: Drexel, Nevada, Miami (Fl.) and Oral Roberts.

Each of those squads has reasons to be frustrated and arguments for inclusion over some others perhaps. At the same time, there has to be a bit of comfort in knowing that it was a tough decision to the end for each of these teams like Drexel, for instance, who finished 19-1 in their last 20 games. Not including the Dragons has some upset, but at the very least they can know that it was down to the wire.

Each team is likely headed to the NIT, which will be announced on ESPNU.

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