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Printable NCAA Bracket: 2012 Tournament Field Set

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The final round of 64, er, 68 is now available for you and your office mates or college friends to print and develop those 2012 NCAA Tournament betting pools that inevitably frustrate us all when the girl choosing teams based on uniform colors or mascot cuteness actually wins. But here we are again, searching for those printable brackets so we can fill out our picks in the hopes of achieving some kind of fortunetelling glory. Well, search no more.

You can find the printable bracket for the 2012 NCAA Tournament right here.

Now you have the chance to say, "I knew Norfolk State had a deep tournament run in them" or something else equally as ridiculous. Go ahead, since nothing sounds worse than "I just chose them because my cousin used to live there."

Brackets on the brain? Us too! Play Yahoo! Tourney Pick’em and be a part of the craziest month of college basketball. It is fun, easy, and free.